Gals and Gays night in (facemask review)

What better way to spend a Saturday night in than with good friends drinking, munching and beautifying?! This is exactly what I did last Saturday night accompanied by XFactor of course! The ingredients included a selection of the new Superdrug facemasks and Montagne Jeunesse facemasks which are a bargain at  a quid each, pizza and scrumptious Junebug cocktails.


I opted for Superdrug’s ‘Anti-Aging Moisture Mask’ as a gal wants her skin to remain as youthful as possible ;-p, espcially as my big 3-0 is creeping closer and closer…eeeek! My Skin is combination and it tells you on the front of the facemask packet what types of skin they are best suited to.

My first thought with the mask was that I was disappointed with the coverage it gave, I like a mask to be full on and cover my face in an opaque way. This didn’t do that and it looked like I’d plastered loads of  cream on and not bothered to rub it in. I left it on for 15 minutes or so, it did not dry on like some masks do and was easy to wash off. My skin felt soft and my pores were reduced whch is great as they’re so frickin gigantic! So to sum up I was pleased with the results and for a quid you can’t  go wrong really!

My pals were also pleased with their post facemask skin too. Two used the Montagne Jeunesse chocolate masque which I’ve used in the past and love. The other two sampled the Superdrug ‘Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask’ and the ‘Deep Cleansing Fruit Mask’.


I do want to try out some of the more pricier facemasks and have my eye on some Origins products as I’ve heard good things about them.

What facemasks do you love and recommend?


3 thoughts on “Gals and Gays night in (facemask review)

  1. Do you ever use homemade masks? I often rub us some mashed avacado or aloe vera on my face. Also love the feel of my skin after leaving it in honey for 10 mins. Try it!!!! It really works

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