Nails Of The Week (NOTW) Essie Ballet Slippers & Nail/Essie Ramble…

My manicure kit


So just to let you all know, I’m a teensy bit lazy when it comes to taking care of my nails! I J’adore a painted nail but often don’t find the time and it’s so precise my paw holding the brush often makes little mistakes. Anyways moving on to the polish… recently Essie polishes were brought smack bang to my attention. If you’re a beauty blogger/you tuber regular, I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon Anna at she has done a recent video on her Essie polish collection and has a few posts on her blog about various Essie colours. Her post on ‘bikini so teeny’ had me running (not literally) to my nearest Superdrug that stocks the new Essie diffusion collection. I’m sure you’re aware they’re only available in larger Superdrug and Boots stores but of course you can buy online.

Upon my arrival at the Essie section I was sucked in by a sea of colour and knew I was in trouble when it came to making a decision about which ones to buy. I was strict and decided I would only pick up one. After some rather long deliberating I decided on ‘bikini so teeny’, an opaque lilac/blue (let me know if you’d like a post on it) as it was part on the limited collection it made sense to choose something from there first.

Alas, it wasn’t long before I found myself back in front of an Essie stand but this time I knew I wanted one of the more sheer shades sugar daddy or ballet slippers. Still even though I knew what I wanted it didn’t stop me ogling the vast selection and mentally storing notes of whats next on my Essie purchase list. On this day I went for ballet slippers (sure you worked that out from my posts title ;D) and on returning home went about a self manicure which I am naff at. I started with Sally Hansens cuticle remover gel which I left on for about five minutes, after washing it off I filed my nails and added boots No 7 stay strong as a base coat. Then applied two coats of Essie’s ballet slippers followed by Sally Hansens no chip top coat.

I really like the glossy finish I got with this polish but It’s not the best choice for my skin tone under my nails (quite bluey) and the whiteness of ballet slippers highighted this even more which I definitely do not want! However it would look gorgeous on anyone else with out my blueness problem. It was fairly easy to apply but has started to come off on a couple of nails after three days. It would be ideal for events such as weddings, especially for any brides going for the natural look!

Essie’s Chinchilly and Sand Tropez are the next varnishes on my list!

What Essie polishes do you have/are on your wishlist?


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