MUA All In One Beauty Balm review


Hey all, sorry for lack of posts! Just as I’m trying to get my blog up and going I started back at work after the summer off and have been crazy busy! Hopefully once things settle down I’ll be able to post a bit more!

Anyway lets get on with MUA’s beauty balm review! So this product first caught my eye on you tube, Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo had it in their drugstore haul video, Sam had it on in the video and her skin looked great. She also raved about it and really recommended it.

It wasn’t long before I found myself in front of the MUA section in my local Superdrug um-ing and ar-ring over which products to try out as I wanted to take advantage of their offer, spend £8 and get the immaculate collection for free! So I left Superdrug with the BB cream in medium shade 2, the new brow kit, one of the new Intense kisses lipgloss and the immaculate palette.

If you read my post on the Laura Mercier tinted you will know that I’m a bit of a lazybones at applying make up on work days. I get up early and don’t really have the time to spruce up! This week I have been super minimal and I’ve been wearing MUA ‘s beauty balm alone, nothing else not even mascara, nada!

For most of the week I applied it with my fingertips. It has a fairly thick consistency but is easy to blend into the skin. Today I applied it with my Real Techniques stippling brush and much preferred using this than my fingers (probably as I have a weird thing about ‘make up fingers’). On the tube it says ‘Primes, Smoothes & Conceals’ which is exactly what it does! I have a rosy complexion which I’m not a fan of and want my make up base to even out my skin tone. MUA’s BB cream does a fantastic job at this!  Check out before and after pictures…

Here you can see my very obvious rosy cheeks and nose.


After applying MUA’s BB cream and prior to finishing my make up…


As you can see, my complexion is evened out and redness has been concealed.

I suppose a bit of a downside is that it doesn’t has SPF protection like many other pricier BB creams but if your moisturiser has SPF you don’t need to worry about your make up base! For £4 you can’t complain, I think this is a fab product and will definitely be purchasing it again! It comes in four different shades, so not a huge collection but there should be something that works for most peoples skin tone.

Have you tried this product? Are there any other drugstore brands you recommend for BB creams?


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