Healthy Lifestyle Kick Update

So a couple of weeks ago I blogged about starting a healthy lifestlye regime and thought I’d give an update on how it’s all going. So last weekend I turned 30 and I’d been really strict  about what I ate up until then..the birthday was a mega day off! But I have been back on track since and reintroduced carbs i the form of cereal, I’ve been eating porridge or shredded wheat for brekkie but have avoided carbs during the week other than that. I still haven’t eaten any dairy and am loving almond milk as a replacement to cows milk. I have decided to be a bit more more linient at the weekends and had a pizza when out for dinner last night. I fear I may have a sudden binge if I don’t allow myself to eat the things I like occassionally! After all there’s only so much salad, lean meat and bland steamed veg you can eat without getting bored 😉

In regards to noticing any weight lost, some of my clothes fit better or feel loose. If you read my previous post you will know I didn’t weigh myself but instead took measurements. I am pleased to say that I have lost inches from all the areas measured.

As well as changing my diet I’ve started jogging (which I despise but hey it’s free and burns calories) following the NHS Couch to 5k program. This is basically a program that gets you from not being able to run to running longer distances over 9 weeks. You start with week 1 and do that 3 times within 1 week, then move on to week 2 and do that for 3 times within one week and so on. I think it’s great, you download the podcasts for free and you are completely guided through  from warm up to interval runs to the cool down. Okay, ‘Laura’s’ voice can get annoying but it’s so easy to follow and you can feel your fitness improving as the time goes on. I’ve just completed week 4 so will be starting week 5 next week, this will mean longer periods of jogging which I’m not looking forward to! Definitely worth a look if you’re looking for exercise that doesn’t cost and you can easily fit in around your lifestyle. More info here


2 thoughts on “Healthy Lifestyle Kick Update

  1. Found your blog in tonights bbloggers chat – I downloaded the NHS 5k scheme podcasts this week too! Wish you all the best with your healthy life style, I’ve kickstarted mine in the last couple weeks and it really is worth it 🙂

    • Thank you! I agree benefits so far are great, good luck with your healthy kick too! It’s always good to hear other people’s stories to help spur you on, now I feel like I’m not the only one doing couch to 5k 🙂 x

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