Weekend Haul Part 1…The make up bits!

Over the weekend I went on a bit of a spree spending vouchers and money I received for my Birthday a couple of weeks ago, so if you fancy a nosey to find out what I bought keep reading 🙂

Rimmel Scandaleyes Soft Kohl liners…

I only wish that I was aware of Boots current 3 for 2 offer on make up on Friday as I went and bought these new additions to the Rimmel collection from Superdrug…massive boo but hey ho. I bought the shades oo4 Taupe and 005 Nude, priced at £3.99 each.

In the above swatches the first and darker shade is Taupe and the lighter one is obviously the Nude. They have a really nice creamy consistency and glide on to the waterline or lid very easily and smoothly. I’ve been wearing the nude one on my waterline over the weekend, it lasts well and brightens the eyes up, especially if you’e had a late night 😉

Rimmel Professional Eyebrowpencil…

Out of all the areas you can apply make up to, to beautify yourself, my brows are probably the most neglected! After reading a blog post on brows over at Sinful Stilettos by Avril, I was convinced I should take more pride in my caterpillars! Read Avril’s post here beautiful-brows

So I picked up Rimmels Professional Eybrow pencil in 001 Dark Brown, at a bargain price of £2.99 (even though I would have saved money if I went to boots!)

I’m glad I chose the darkest shade as even though I have fairly pale skin, my eyebrows are very dark. One of my favourite things about the pencil, is the brush on the lid to tidy up your brows. But I’m not sure if I like the pencil effect. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m an eyebrow groomer novice and paranoid I’m making my brows looked drawn on! Or if pencil on the brow just isn’t for me…any tips on applying brow pencil in the most natural way would be greatly appreciated! Generally I think it’s a great product for the price and worth having a go with if your a bit of a brow beginner like myself.

Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer…

My first sighting of this was over on Vivianna’s youtube channel in her recent drugstore favourites video. I already love and have their Lasting Perfection Concealer in my make up drawer, so thought I’d give this a try too for the under eye area.

I picked up shade 2 Natural priced at £4.99. I tried it out on Saturday and Sunday and I’m really liking it so far! It blends in to the skin easily and gives good coverage of any darkeness under the eyes.

Mac Rebel Lipstick & Currant Lipliner…

These two lovelies were my final purchases on Friday, I’d wanted Rebel ever since seeing it on Tanya Burr in her ‘How to Look Gorgeous on a night out’ youtube vid. She also used Currant lipliner in the video too so I thought ‘what the hell, why not get both?!’

I am loving this shade for Autumn/Winter very currant/berry like and does not apply as dark as it looks in the tube as you can see from the swatch. It’s one of Mac’s satin lipsticks  and cost £14.00.

I wore both the lipstick and liner to dinner on Saturday and got compliments from my boyfriend and family.

As you can see, Currant lipliner is darker than the Rebel lipstick, a more burgundy wine colour but they look great together.

Lipliner costs £11.50.

Real Techniques Brushes (Saturday Purchases)…

I got into the youtube and blogging world over a year ago when I discovered Pixiwoo just before Sam’s Real Techniques brushes were launched. After watching numerous videos of Sam and Nic, I knew I had to get my hands on some brushes and as soon as they were on sale in the UK. I bought the core collection and the starter kit which I adore, even more so because the brushes are made from synthetic taklon, therefore cruelty free! I’ve added to my collection since then  but picked up two new ones on Saturday.

The newer Expert Face Brush £8.99  & the Powder Brush £12.99.

I cannot wait to use these, they are so soft and the powder brush is nice and big, perfect for applying powder. I will use the Expert Face Brush to apply liquid make up. Now this was when I was able to take advantage of the Boots  3 for 2 offer and got Esssie’s Chinchilly nail polish for free (see my review here notd-essie-chinchilly-weekly-post-5)

Nars Laguna Bronzer…

Last but not least of my Saturday make up purchases was many a bloggers holy grail bronzer, Nars Laguna. This was featured in my Mid Week Must Haves post along with Mac Rebel lipstick and  Essie’s Chinchilly all of which I purchased very quickly!

It’s a pricey purchase at £25.00 but sure it will be worth it after all the reviews I’ve read!  The simple yet chic and sophisticated packaging is gorgeous and so far I’m loving the bronzer for contouring. It does have a slight shimmer in it but it’s barely visible when applied to the face. It’s perfect for pale skin tones as it doesn’t make you appear orange!

Whilst at the Nars counter, the make up artist did my whole face with their products, tinted moisturiser, obvs the Laguna bronzer, Deep Throat blush, volumising mascara and Albatross highlighter (which def has to be a future buy!)

Thanks for getting to the end of the post…if you’ve made it this far as there were quite a few bits to show you 🙂 I’d love to hear your comments on what I bought. Are any of these beauty products in your collection?

Lu xxx


9 thoughts on “Weekend Haul Part 1…The make up bits!

  1. Brilliant post hun! I hope you get the hang of the brow pencil, I have thin eyebrows (as a result of over-plucking in my early teen years) so I guess I need it more than you, you’re lucky enough to have thick brows, so all you probably need to do is pluck / shape them and you’re done, maybe you won’t need the pencil afterall! 🙂 You have already convinced me to purchase the Mac Rebel lipstick, it’s exactly the shade I’ve been looking for, will do a post on it soon… and that Nars bronzer looks just beautiful! Avril xXx

  2. Thanks for your comment Avril, really appreciate it and glad you enjoyed reading 🙂 I thought my eyebrows were quite thin but maybe they just need a bit of defining, so will give the brow pencil another go! The Nars bronzer is lush and I’m looking forward to your post on Rebel!!! x

  3. I swear you wont regret if you buy Benefits Brow Zings http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/product/view/brow-zings……..tweezers is crap that comes wiht it in fairness haha, but the products itself is the best ever and last ages and ages!!!!
    1st you put on this wax that gives your eyebrows a nice definite shape and holds them in place then you put the powder on in light strokes! I bought it about 2 years ago but its only the last year Ive really been loving it! You can make your eyebrows look so defined without looking really drawn on and fake. I will do a post on it soon now that I think of it
    Love the lipstick and liner, gorgeous colour!

  4. Post a pic of it teh lipstick on I’m dying to see it on! I swear you wont’t regret buying it, I hate spending that much on make up I love my good owl Rimmel Bargains but this stuff is great and reallyd oes last! Go in and ask one of the girls to try it on you 1st. Really does shape your face so much without looking so harsh and fake xxx

    • I will try and update the post with a pic of lippy on during the week 🙂 £14.00 is expensive but I have a slight obsession with Mac lipsticks! Next time I’m near a Benifit counter I’ll give it a go! x

      • Great :)) Im the same I dont think Ive ever bought anything Mac, I love my Rimmel and other drugstore brands haha!

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