Jumping on the bandwagon… new skincare purchases #Weekly Post 7

With any product I tend to stick to what I know and like, which means there’s a high chance I’ll miss out on other super dooper products out there. Of course with reading a range of blogs, I’m encouraged to buy some goodies that are new to me. And that is exactly what happened this weekend.

After reading a post on Soap and Glory Righteous Butter  over at Fashion For Lunch, (read here product-review-the-righteous-butter) I decided it’s about blooming time I jumped on the Soap and Glory bandwagon! I’ve heard and read so many rave reviews that I headed down to Boots to snap up some bits. I took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer again but opted for trial/travel sized products to begin with.

I bought… from L-R Flake Away  shea butter, sugar and peach seed body polish, Clean Girls Skin Softening Creamy Body Wash and The Righteous Butter. All cost £2.50 each and I got one free.

I also purchased a Dirty Works Body Butter after reading a review on Naomi’s blog Bewitchery (link here dirty-works-supreme-cream-body-butter) My current body butter is almost out so I needed to purchase another one and would have purchased the same old same old if I hadn’t of seen this post. You can buy Dirty Works products at Sainsbury’s, whilst in there today I tracked down the collection. I had intended to purchase the Supreme Body Butter but low and behold they only go and do a coconut body butter! (I have an obsession with cocconut products if you didn’t already know 🙂 ) I thought I should step away from  the coconut scent for a change but I did prefer the coconut scent so went for it in the end.

You get a whole 300ml tub for £4.99 normally but the Dirty Works collection is currently on offer and only cost £2.49. So hurry to a Sainsburys near you if you fancy trying them out!

The final thing I bought this weekend was a Vaseline lip threapy in Cocoa butter for £2.05. It smells lovely and has a honey tinge to it as well I believe.

I can’t wait to try these out!!!

Are any of these in your collection? What are your skincare must haves?




10 thoughts on “Jumping on the bandwagon… new skincare purchases #Weekly Post 7

  1. I’ve been meaning to get the soap & glory righteous butter..I saw some good reviews about it. The coconut body butter seems great as well.. I love coconut body butters. Damn I was at sainsbury’s just hours ago.. which one do you prefer? let me know 🙂 I’m undecided 😛

    • I haven’t tried the Dirty Works coconut butter yet but it smells great and worth picking up for £2.49! Been using the righteous butter for a couple of days now and liking it, give the travel size a go just to try it out, that’s what I’m doing 🙂

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