NOTD…Revlon… was meant to be Midnight Affair but ended up with Plum Night

When pondering over which nail colour to paint my talons this weekend I drew inspiration from a post I read a couple of weeks ago by Middle Aged Beauty Queen. take a look here if you fancy 4-my-topten-nail-polish-by-brand

It reminded me that deep in the depths of my nail polish collection was this beaut of a colour, Midnight Affair. Unfortunately, after delving deep and retrieving the polish I found that it had died into a thick gloopy mess 😦

So before it ended up in the bin I took some pics so you can see the colour…

   As you can see it is a dark navy colour, a fantastic shade for this chilly time of  year so I was disappointed I couldn’t paint my nails with it!

So, I opted for another Revlon polish Plum Night, a dark purple shade. I found this a bit tricky to apply evenly and wasn’t happy with the finished result. Do please excuse the slap dash application that is apparent in the picture, I was in a rush to get ready. If I’d had more time to spend on them I’m sure they would have turned out differently. I do like the colour though!

Et voila!

What great shades have you forgotten that you owned? Do you use Revlon nail polishes?




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