Winter Essentials #1 Lipcare

We all know the havoc cold weather outside and central heating intside plays with our skin and hair, so I thought it would be a good idea to share products I believe to be essentials in the colder months, in a series of short posts. They might be beauty or clothing products…so lets  get started!

First up is lipcare. I do love a tin of Vaseline to make my lips feel smoother but during the winter months you need some substantial moisturising! During the day time I like a balm in the form of a stick, it means less hassle on icy days, no taking gloves off to apply one from a tin/tub. I put it in my coat pocket for easy reach and application! My current ‘stick’ is Vaseline Lip Threapy  in Cocoa Butter.It can be purchased in drugstores, I picked up mine in Superdrug. My lips feel nourished and smoother after application.


For an intense kick of moisture I apply Blistex Intensive Moisturiser. As it is a cream formula I apply as an overnight treatment  (it is noticeable) but if my lips were in dire need of moisturising I would apply it in the day. This stuff is amazing and definitely makes a difference, I highly recommend it! If you’re a super savvy shopper you can pick it up cheaper when it’s on offer 🙂

£2.59 Superdrug.

What are your lipcare essntials?

Thanks for reading



6 thoughts on “Winter Essentials #1 Lipcare

  1. I need to have a good lip balm or butter in every purse and on almost every table 😛
    On my desk i have right now the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer. And in my purse i got the Burt’s Bees ultra conditioning lip balm with kokum butter – and loving it. I think its gonna be my fav of the year.

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