About Moi!

Hi I’m Lu, just entered the third decade of my life and I’ve recently started blogging about all things beauty! It’s my new found hobby and I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions on my blog and appreciate everyone taking the time to have a read 🙂 You will find a range of bits and bobs ranging from bargain purchases to the more pricey!  As you can probably tell from the photo I’m also an animal lover and my cats Mimi & Coco may make the odd appearance on here too!

Do follow me and leave comments I will always reply 🙂

Thanks for looking



The views and opinions shared on my blog are entirely my own and honest. No companies/brands mentioned have asked me to discuss their products. All products have been purchased with my own cash.


4 thoughts on “About Moi!

  1. Hi Lu, it’s soo nice and refreshing to find a blog like yours, keep up the good job!!

    I have a daughter who has very very curly hair (she’s mixed race) and it is hell taming it. Is there anything you could suggest to tame the frizz?

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